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Cook Children's Health Plan

Baby Steps Program

Baby and Family

Our Baby Steps program offers information and special benefits to Cook Children's Health Plan Members who are pregnant. We want to help our Members have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

As a Member of our Baby Steps program you can receive:

  • Pregnancy and newborn information (English, Spanish or other languages) mailed to your home.
  • A free book, Baby Basics from the authors of What to Expect When You're Expecting.
  • Phone help from nurses trained in women's and children's health care.
  • Information about programs (WIC services, childbirth and parenting classes).
  • Help with rides to medical appointments.

There are also other organizations that can help you during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy information:



United States Department of Agriculture –

Healthy Eating

United States Department of Agriculture:

We're here to help

If you want more information about the program, or if you need help, please call 682-885-2252 or 1-800-862-2247.