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About Cook Children's Health Plan

We are a local, non-profit health plan that cares about our community. Our plan provides health coverage for CHIP, CHIP Perinatal, STAR (Medicaid) and STAR Kids Members in the Tarrant county service area. The counties we serve includes Tarrant, Johnson, Denton, Parker, Hood and Wise.

Cook Children’s Health Plan offers quality health care plans that you can afford for the whole family. The CHIP and STAR programs allow you to choose from many doctors, clinics, hospitals, and specialty services.
Our network providers care for all ages, not just children. We currently have:

  • More than 570 doctors
  • More than 1,300 specialists
  • 43 hospitals in our network


Starting November 1st of 2016, Cook Children’s Health Plan (CCHP) will provide health care for children and youth who get disability-related Medicaid through a new program called STAR Kids. This program is for children ages 20 and younger.

CCHP will provide these services under a contract with HHSC. CCHP will work with many doctors, specialists, clinics and hospitals to care for these children. CCHP will be providing services to members in the six-county service area including:

  • Tarrant
  • Johnson
  • Denton
  • Parker
  • Hood
  • Wise

Visit the HHSC STAR Kids page (External Website) for more information. Please note this will not affect children and youth who get services through the STAR Health (foster care) program.

For more information on the STAR Kids Program, please call us at 1-844-843-0004. We have Customer Care Representatives and Member Advocates ready to help.


Call toll-free 1-800-964-2247 to learn more.

To apply for CHIP or STAR (Medicaid), call toll-free 1-877-KIDS-NOW (1-877-543-7669) or go to

Call Toll-free 1-844-843-0004 to learn more about STAR Kids